L’amore ai tempi del Covid-19 (Love in time of Covid-19)

Have you already seen the first number of La rivista dei ragazzi? It’s a free online magazine for children between 7-13 years old, created by group of professional artists, and it’s free to download from the facebook page! It was created for all the kids in covid-19’s quarantine, and it’s full of incredible stories, colors and entretaining games! I created an illustration for Cristina Brambilla’s short story, about a blackbird and his new friendship with a girl, who welcomes him every day to her window, feeding him grapes, cheese and many other delicacies! I had a lot of fun portraing him and his wife, in the nest full of treasures.
If you haven’t seen the other illustration I preparred for the magazine yet, you can find it here!


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