Wedding & Invitations

Wedding & Invitations

Wedding & Invitations

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Imagine your event

Finding the right invitation for an event sometimes can be stressing. Looking around in the internet, you can find a lot of choice, but poor quality products are always around the corner. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to find something detaching from the current trends, to resemble more to what you have in mind.
When I get in contact with a future bride, first of all I like to investigate about the look-and-feel she wants to set for the big event, and than work together throughout all the process of creation. In this way my client is sure to reach the result she had in mind, and have an high-quality customised product to a very affordable price.

Not all about weddings

Any event is a good occasion to have the perfect invitation sent out to your guests! And if it’s something handmade, with a good graphic and some lovely drawings, they will all go mad for it!!

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