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web responsive design

Web Projects

web responsive design

Why a website?

Let’s say you have a little business, or that you are a freelancer. For some reasons you don’t have a website yet, and you are wondering if it’s worth to try it. Here you have my top 5 reasons to have a good website:

Be always available!

You’re page will be ready for consultation 24/7, even when you are on vacation!

Gain Credibility

Everyone is using internet nowadays, so you have to be there too!

Go everywhere

Expand your network and get new clients from all around the world!

Save money and time

You’ll be able to keep your clients informed about your work in the cheapest and easier way!

Showcase your work

A  good website is the most effective way to display your products and have a direct impact on your clients!

Technology + Art = heaven!

One of my favourite collaborations has to be the one with Larimeloon, a young and talented stylist I have the chance to know since many years. My work with her is the perfect example of the wide range of my work, and the way I always mix and match my technology skills with my artistic background. After a long talk about her ideas and aesthestic, I created her new brand identity and collaborated with the web studio that created her website, to give a custom personalization to the overall look-and-feel. From the logo design to the icons and backgrounds, we created something original and perfectly in tune with her style.

Fitting Like a glove!

Since 2017 I’m curator of Kpro Sports Italy webpage, a small but growing company, selling sports apparel for professionals and amateurs. My design was conceived to appeal a very specific target of consumer, in terms of usability and a captivating aesthetic. I also curated the graphics for the company’s social media, to ensure a cohesive over all look-and-feel.

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